HOW Comic Artists Read American Short Stories

The students of EESI’s special Master’s program in the study of comics are proud to present their versions of ten American short stories by some of the masters of the genre, from Kate Chopin to Steven Millhauser. After a close reading of each of these texts under the guidance of their teacher Bénédicte Chorier-Fryd, they gave their creative eyes free reign to adapt these fictions and make them their own.

A short essay, "The Ambition of the Short Story" by Steven Millhauser, provided a starting point – you may want to read it before exploring the stories and their adaptations.


Kate CHOPIN, “The Story of an Hour”
    Sherwood ANDERSON, “The Untold Lie” Steven MILLHAUSER, "Getting Closer"    
    Tennessee WILLIAMS, “Tent Worms”    
    The Ambition of the Short Story, Steven MILLHAUSER    
    Ray BRADBURY, “The Last Night of the World” Steven MILLHAUSER, “The Invasion from Outer Space”    
    Grace PALEY, "Wants"    
    Alice WALKER, “The Flowers”    
    Lydia DAVIS, “The Caterpillar”    
Donald BARTHELME, “I Bought a Little City”